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Amex Vario

Amex Vario

Amex Vario

The flexibility of Amex Vario seals allow for tailor-made rehabilitation of leaks and pipe joints of water pipelines of all common types of pipes (including cast-iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC and asbestos-cement pipes) from DN600 to DN6000.

  • Variable installation design allows for the rehabilitation of defects in pipes of any length, making costly renovations of an entire length of pipe unnecessary
  • Compatibility with all other Amex Sanivar sealing systems ensures fast and flexible installation - even in situations where no CIPP or other liner-types can be installed, and under difficult on-site conditions
  • Proven interlocking technology guarantees absolute fluid density, independent of the pipe or media.
  • Limited logistic costs
  • Low-cost installation equipment
  • Guaranteed design life of 50 years
  • 100% chemical-free installation process (no adhesives, resins such as epoxy, etc.)
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