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For more than 40 years, Amex Sanivar has focused on restoring our decaying and ageing infrastructure. With offices and manufacturing plants in Germany and Switzerland, Amex Sanivar pipe renovation solutions are installed around the world.


Sanivar was started in the mid-1970s in Switzerland when there was a change in how gas was delivered across Europe. Before the 1970s, gas was delivered as a moist gas, and pipes and fittings were manufactured with this in mind. But, with a change from moist to dry gas, pipes and sealants began to dry out, leading to cracks and degradation. A group of engineers saw the need for an innovative solution to this problem, and later developed the first line of Sanivar products to repair pipes and handle dry gas. Since then, Sanivar has innovated and expanded to rehabilitate pipes that carry not just gas, but also other petrochemicals, industrial water, potable water, sewage, and fracking. As needs have changed in the market, Sanivar has also adapted to these changes. New innovations have led to a pull-in liner called SaniTube, a cure-in-place pipe (CIPP) called SaniLine, and new PN16 approved couplings called SaniGrip.

Amex was founded just 10 years after Sanivar in Germany and first started as a construction company in Hamburg. Over time, however, Amex realized the vast implications of a growing problem of spot leakages in pipes. Amex shifted its business as a construction company to focus specifically on creating sealing systems that allowed the old pipes to remain, but which would fix leaks. Like Sanivar, after the first Amex seals, the company began to develop and react to market needs, and this has continued up to today.

A family-owned, international supplier

Amex Sanivar is a family-owned company that has passed from father to son for three generations. This has allowed the family to build extensive networks in the piping community, efficiently respond to market needs, and control the quality of finished products. In addition to this, the Amex and Sanivar products are made in Germany and Switzerland, respectively, maintaining the highest quality of production within European standards. The nature of a family-owned business has also allowed for Amex Sanivar to be flexible in meeting its clients needs and create bespoke solutions to adapt to the changing pipe rehabilitation needs all over the world.

Under leadership of Dr. Oliver Terhoeven, the company has begun to expand and grow its operations beyond its traditional home markets 10 years ago. Amex Sanivar is now combining the bespoke nature of a family-owned business with the growing need to become an international supplier. This allows the company to build customer-centric solutions and handle difficult conditions. In partnership with top-tier international contracting firms, Amex Sanivar is able to cater towards the needs of customers from all corners of the world.

Innovation & Ambition

Through research and real-life experience, we constantly innovate our products to better address our customer’s needs. We are ambitious in formulating the most convenient way of purchasing pipeline rehabilitation methods and having it delivered straight to our customer’s site.

Reliability & Quality

Over the last 40 years, we have created an exceptional knowledge base with information on the rehabilitation of pipes for all possible media and applications. We guarantee flawless application of our products. We ensure that all of our licensed partners receive regular on-site training from our highly specialized installation experts, and we oversee and approve all projects.

Solution-driven Partnership

Through a global network of certified installation partners we are able to serve our clients around the world. Together with our clients, we come up with optimal solutions for every construction area. We leave no rehabilitation challenge unsolved.



More than 1 million meters of Amex Sanivar products are implemented in over 50 countries worldwide.


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