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Amex Vario Seals DN2500 for Uskmouth Power Station

By Yue Wang

Amex Vario Seals DN2500 for Uskmouth Power Station

The catastrophic failure of DN2500 pipe at a Welsh power station, Uskmouth B, prompted remedial action using the Amex Vario Seals. The burst occurred at a joint between two GRP pipes and destroyed a 3m section of the power plant cooling system last year. This resulted in the partial collapse of a car park and severe flooding of the turbine hall, causing a 28 day shutdown. Following two surveys of the damaged pipeline and the remaining pipe joints in the system, the seals were recommended to ensure the long-term security of all the suspect joints. 34 seals were installed at joints considered at risk, following ovality and gap measurement at each joint in almost 800m of GRP pipework. 7 interlocking Varios were used. Vario is essentially a watertight, rubber seal fixed by stainless steel hoops. When they are connected in series the end result is a mechanically secured rubber liner that can accommodate considerable pipe movement and crack growth.

Uskmouth Power Station
Country UK
Installation date N/A
Products Amex Vario
    • 2500
    Application area Cooling Water
    Use case N/A
    Pipe material GRP
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length N/A
    Operating pressure 16

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