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Amex Seals DN1800 for Killingholme Power Station in UK

By Yue Wang

Amex Seals DN1800 for Killingholme Power Station in UK

A leaking peline at the Killingholme Power Station was repaired, using Amex Seals. During preparations to restore one of the station's modules to active service, operators at E.ON UK discovered two faulty joints in one of the DN1800 condenser return pipelines. The joints, located underground below the generator transformer compound, were badly misaligned. The station uses cooling water at a working pressure of about 2 bar, taken direct from the Humber estuary, therefore the replacement seals used needed to have good salt-water resistance. The Amex Seal was the ideal choice for use in the harsh salt-water conditions encountered at Killingholme for several reasons. As a low profile mechanical seal, it can repair leaking pipe joints from within the pipe, without causing an obstruction to flow. A robust section of EPDM rubber that spans the joint is fitted using hydraulic expansion of stainless steel compression rings, thus eliminating the uses of chemical adhesives and their associated hazards. The abrasion-resistant seal is able to accommodate substantial joint movement and is quality assured, as each seal has an independently verified life expectancy of more than 50 years.


Customer Killingholme Power Station
Country UK
Installation date N/A
Products Amex 10
    • 1800
    Application area Salt-water
    Use case Power Station
    Pipe material N/A
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length N/A
    Operating pressure 2

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