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Amex Seal DN3800 for largest sewer of Stadtwerke Essen

By Yue Wang

Amex Seal DN3800 for largest sewer of Stadtwerke Essen

This downtown sewer is located at a depth of up to 9 meters and is the largest sewer in the area oft the  Stadtwerke Essen. After a thorough inspection, 33 leaky sockets were founded. A bypass constructionwas build to empty the work area and to be able to clean the pipes. Through the transition variant could Amex Seals professionally assembled.This individual and innovative construction made it possible for a safe and fast working process and was also still more economical than other concepts. The Seals were customized for this project.

Customer Stadtwerke Essen
Country Germany
Installation date 2014
Products Amex 10
    • 3800
    Application area Sewage
    Use case Sewage Utility
    Pipe material N/A
    Number of seals 38
    Track length N/A
    Operating pressure N/A

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