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Amex Seal DN1965 in cooling water pipe

By Yue Wang

Amex Seal DN1965 in cooling water pipe

For large diameter sewers, drains and culverts, Amex Seal is a proven, long term solution to wall cracks and failed or misaligned joints. But a recent pipe inspection at a power station has again shown the internal seal also has the watertight qualities and robustness required for pressure pipe systems. The pipes in question serve Seabank Power Ltd’s combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station at Hallen, near Bristol. Forming part of an open, evaporative cooling system, the GRP pipes carry pumped, treated wastewater, which is supplied by a nearby WTW. When the pipes were first commissioned in 1998, several Amex Seals were installed to ensure the integrity of the system. During a recent inspection to assess the condition of pipe and joints this summer, the engineers were pleased but not surprised, to find that all of the seals were still in perfect condition – 11 years on. As part of Seabank’s ongoing attention to careful maintenance of the cooling system, the power company also asked to install another DN1965 seal, following the inspection work.

Seabank Power Station
Country UK
Installation date NA
Products Amex 10
    • 1965
    Application area Cooling Water
    Use case Power Station
    Pipe material GRP
    Number of seals 1
    Track length N/A
    Operating pressure N/A

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