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Amex Mono DN700 seals for Airport in Dubai

By Yue Wang

Amex Mono DN700 seals for Airport in Dubai

One supply pipe in the airport in Dubai was leaking, our technician inspected the pipeline during the night, but due to high Co2 value in the pipeline, the release was not granted. Exact localization of all 4 damaged areas was confirmed except one was impossible, as in sole area the water level was too high. After installation of 1 Amex 10 mono DN700 seal, the water ingress stopped. Then an exact measurement took place with the regular water level. The pipeline was radial, circumferential cracked, we removed the part of the broken GRP in the damage area and straightened the surface.


Country Dubai
Installation date 2018
Products Amex Mono
    • 700
    Application area Industrial Water
    Use case Airport 
    Pipe material
    Number of seals 1
    Track length 2,6
    Operating pressure 4

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