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Amex 10 DN760 for Balfour Beatty Utilities

By Yue Wang

Amex 10 DN760 for Balfour Beatty Utilities

A rapid response to a serious leak in a main by Planned Maintenance (Pennine) Ltd prevented thousands of premises from being without water. A major leak was discovered in a DN760 mains pipe at Hurst Green, near Clitheroe. The cause was a failure of a joint between a section of concrete main and cast iron main. Once Balfour Beatty, working with United Utilities, had shut down the water supply, they had only 60 hours to make any repairs. Being an internal seal, the Amex-10-Seal system was the least invasive method of repair available. Amex-10-Seals can be fitted to all pipe sizes, where man access is achievable. By completing all repairs internally, trenching and service costs are avoided. The whole repair of the joint was within 4 hours.


Customer Balfour Beatty Utilities
Country England 
Installation date N/A
Products Amex 10
  • 760
Application area Water
Use case Water utility
Pipe material Concrete & cast iron
Number of seals N/A
Track length N/A
Operating pressure N/A

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