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96 meters SaniTube DN175/150 for Colas in France (2017)

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96 meters SaniTube DN175/150 for Colas in France (2017)

A cast iron pipe, which was laid around 1950, was leaking. The pipe went under a train track. Due to vibrations of the trains, the pipe had a crack. The trouble in this project was, we could not cross the train tracks and had to go around them, which took us a lot of time. The pipe had severe encrustation and we had to take our subcontractor for a stronger cleaning. We cleaned it with a water-extreme-high-pressure, which was 2000 bar. Otherwise everything went well. The weather was rainy and it took us 5 days to finish this project.

Customer Colas
Country France
Installation date 2017
Products SaniTube
    • 175, 150
    Application area Potable Water
    Use case N/A
    Pipe material PE
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length 96
    Operating pressure 8


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