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95 meters SaniLine DN700 for Ecopark 100

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95 meters SaniLine DN700 for Ecopark 100

A transportation pipe of 95 m length and 700mm in diameter is supplying the hydropower station in Centrale de Bedillon, Grandrieu. The material of the pipe was glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP). The pipe track which required rehabilitation was inclined by 45° and located in the forest. Leakage was discovered in the joint area between pipe sections. A cost effective, no-dig method was seek for to repair the damaged pipe. The Sanivar AG has long-term experience in rehabilitating pipes between DN 80 and DN 600. The rehabilitation of a DN 700 pipe was a novelty and challenging due to the inclination and location of the pipe. Cleaning methods using cloth, sponges and vacuum cleaning are general applied for GFRP pipes. However, the pipe was only accessible through one end making cleaning through the common methods impossible. Roping down of the on-site team was necessary to clean the pipe. Due to difficulties of accessing the site with site vehicles and installation equipment the completion of the entire job took three days. However, the re-lining process was already completed after 1.5 days.

Customer Ecopark 100
Country France
Installation date 2013
Products SaniLine
    • 700
    Application area Industrial water
    Use case Hydroelectric Power Station
    Pipe material GFRP
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length 95
    Operating pressure 8


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