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94 meters SaniTube PU DN80 for CICG

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94 meters SaniTube PU DN80 for CICG

During the cleaning, the installer noticed something was stuck in the pipe because they couldn't continue. From the back side on around 20m, there was another pipe going through the gaspipe. Since it was DN 80, we had to call expert from Zürich to get a tiny robot to saw it out, it took 2 days for the expert to saw the pipe out. After sawing they had to make sure that the pipe was smooth inside, so that we could install our liner without hurting the liner. Usually it would take 1 day to clean and to install the liner and the next day to finish the pressure test but this time it took longer. 2 couplings were used.

Customer Centre International de Conférences Genève
Country Switzerland
Installation date 2017
Products SaniTube
    • 80
    Application area Gas
    Use case N/A
    Pipe material Steel
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length 94
    Operating pressure 1


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