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80 Amex 10 DN400-1000 seals for ShareRidge Ltd.

By Yue Wang

80 Amex 10 DN400-1000 seals for ShareRidge Ltd.

The Limerick Southern Ring Main was originally laid during the AMP4 period. The main consists of DN 400 - 1000 cement mortar lined ductile iron pipe carrying potable water that runs around the city of Limerick, which when complete will integrate the Limerick City and Shannon Estuary water supply schemes. When Irish Water decided to commission the asset to provide greater security of water supply, various sections were tested and it was discovered that the pipe was not water tight along its full length, due to levels of leakage at flexible and anchored joints. Amex 10 seals are a No Dig WRAS approved low profile mechanical seals comprising of a durable and flexible highly abrasion resistant rubber sleeve, fitted with hydraulically expanded stainless steel compression rings. This design enables the seals to be installed over wide and stepped joints, and allows them to accommodate substantial joint movement in the future. A seven man team gained access to the pipe via individual excavations. The engineers' expertise enabled them to traverse long distances from each remote entry point, which resulted in the minimum number of excavations, thus reducing traffic disruption. After the final seals were fitted, the pipe was pressure tested. One section that previously couldn’t be filled as it wouldn’t hold water, was successfully pressure tested to 10 bar, which is well within the operational pressure limit of up to 50 bar for the Amex 10 seals. ShareRidge were impressed with the speed of program, due to minimal excavations and reinstatement works

Customer ShareRidge Ltd.
Country Ireland
Installation date N/A
Products Amex 10
    • 400-1000
    Application area Potable Water
    Use case Water system
    Pipe material Cement mortar
    Number of seals 80
    Track length N/A
    Operating pressure 10



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