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504 meters SaniLine DN200 for PSM

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504 meters SaniLine DN200 for PSM

The operating pressure of an existing gas supply pipe in the city area of Wuppertal was planned to be increased. Whereas new pipes generally accommodate a pressure rise, old pipes need to be reinforced. In addition, the present gas pipe showed leakage at various location. For security reasons it was decided to either replace or reinforce the existing pipe. A trenchless pipe rehabilitation method is of great advantage as it makes pipe replacement unnecessary and reduces the number of working pits and the working space required. The pipe rehabilitation method SaniLine® G both strengthens and seals existing pipes making a pipe replacement unnecessary. Since the rehabilitation method uses adhesive to bond the liner to the existing pipe, the pipe has to be thoroughly cleaned. Even though the existing pipe was heavily incrusted with tar, the rehabilitation was carried out successfully.

Customer PSM
Country Germany
Installation date 2015
Products SaniLine
    • 200
    Application area Gas
    Use case Gas Union
    Pipe material Steel
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length 504
    Operating pressure 4


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