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4266 meters SaniTube DN250 for Albstadtwerke

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4266 meters SaniTube DN250 for Albstadtwerke

There was a leak in one of the pipes in Albstadt. The pipe was installed around the 1920's or 1930's. The client had remarked, the whole pipeline was unsafe, so he had decided to rehabilitate the whole pipeline. It was a perfect timing for the client, because they wanted to improve the performance. We started our work in October 2017. We were under pressure, because of the upcoming winter season. We had to finish this project before the winter breaks in. We had 13 tracks and 4266 meters to be rehabilitated. To make the cleaning cost less for the client, we started to clean 2 or 3 tracks at the same time. Once the cleaning was over, we could finish rehabilitating those tracks. We had altogether 8 installers working on this project. There were always minimum 4 installers working at the same time. We could finish this project in about 9 weeks. The difficulty the installers had to face in this project was, the shafts were very small. Either one or max. 2 people could get inside the shaft. Sometimes we had some waiting time of a few days, because the shaft wasn't ready/open yet. At the start the weather was good but in the middle it was starting to rain and even to snow. It was very difficult for the installers to work in the rain and snow. The lowest degree was -3° C and the highest was 7° C. The positive about this project was, the construction people were very friendly and very cooperative. And the challenging part was to finish this huge project in a very short time with bad weather conditions.

Customer Albstadtwerke
Country Germany
Installation date 2017
Products SaniTube
    • 250
    Application area Potable Water
    Use case Public Utility
    Pipe material GGG
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length 4266
    Operating pressure 10


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