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4 Amex 10 DN875 seals for HSBC Bank in Hong Kong

By Yue Wang

4 Amex 10 DN875 seals for HSBC Bank in Hong Kong

A leaking pipeline in the cooling system for the international headquarters of HSBC Bank, in Hong Kong, has been repaired using Amex 10 seals. The pipe carries sea water pumped from Hong Kong Harbour, used as the primary coolant in an air conditioning system for Sir Norman Foster’s energy efficient HSBC building. Gaining access to the DN 875 concrete pipes is extremely difficult, as they tunnel 75m below a built-up area.However, problems with four of the pipe joints meant that an access and repair solution had to be found. The answer came from BUDA Pipe Rehabilitation and Engineering, a Hong Kong based confined space engineering organization that is now licensed to fit Amex 10 seals. Work was scheduled for completion within a two-day window and was completed successfully in the allotted time. No disruption was caused to the client’s facilities, while working inside the pipe to fit four 500mm-long Amex 10 seals over the problem pipe joints


International headquarters of HSBC Bank

Country Hong Kong, China
Installation date N/A
Products Amex-10
  • 875
Application area Cooling water 
Use case Air conditioning system 
Pipe material Rubber
Number of seals 4
Track length 20
Operating pressure N/A


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