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2900 meters SaniLine DN300 for County of Heinsberg

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2900 meters SaniLine DN300 for County of Heinsberg

A transportation pipe for drinking water runs from the waterworks of the county of Heinsberg, in Uvekoven, to the community Hückelhofen. The DN 300 asbestos cement pipe carries approximately 300m3 of water per hour. During a pipe inspection water leakage was detected. Since no pipe failure was observed the leakage was traced back to sleeve misalignment. Cutting out entire pieces of the pipe would have been costly and time consuming. In addition, the location of the damaged sleeve was unknown. With sleeves positioned at every 5m of the pipe, locating the damaged sleeve was not a feasible solution. The SaniLine rehabilitation method was found most suitable to repair the pipe. The method allows for rehabilitation of long tracks making replacement of the damage host pipe unnecessary. Also, re-sealing the host pipe over long distances using SaniLine W covers leakage at multiple position of the pipe in one go hence avoiding this way time consuming allocation of damaged joints.

Customer County of Heinsberg
Country Germany
Installation date 2014
Products SaniLine
    • 300
    Application area Potable Water
    Use case Drinking Water Company
    Pipe material AC
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length 2900
    Operating pressure 6


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