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22 meters SaniTube DN250 for ZV Wasserversorgung Mittelhardt

By Bold Apps

22 meters SaniTube DN250 for ZV Wasserversorgung Mittelhardt

The water supplier of Mittelhardt had decided to rehabilitate their Pipeline in Stutensee, which goes under a river. It had 4 curves which were 45° degrees. The installers were worried to rehabilitate it at one go, because it could get stuck by the curves. Which means they have to dig a contruction pit, more money to spend on this little project. But we knew there was a little chance to make it work. We explained it to the client and the client took the risk, in hope it will work. And it did work. It took us 2 days and 2 installers to finish this project. The client was very cooperative and everything went smoothly. However the weather didn't cooperate with us, it was a rainy day.

Customer ZV Wasserversorgung
Country Germany
Installation date 2017
Products SaniTube
    • 250
    Application area Potable Water
    Use case Water Utility
    Pipe material Steel
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length 22
    Operating pressure 10


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