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20000 meters SaniLine and SaniTube DN80-200 for SIDERE

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20000 meters SaniLine and SaniTube DN80-200 for SIDERE

The water association SIDERE represents 11 counties in the East of Luxemburg. The drinking water pipes which are maintained through the association carry 2,7mio m3 of drinking water per year and an average of 7500m3 of drinking water per day. Most of the drinking water pipes are made of asbestos cement. Older pipes are prone to joint leakage and failure under high pressure. In order to gain access to damaged pipes, rights of way have to be gained from property owners. Therefore, a non-dig rehabilitation method was sought for which provides the possibility to rehabilitate long tracks hence reducing the number of working pits. Four relining renovation techniques were tested in order to decide for the most suitable system. Shear, tensile and burst tests were carried out. As a result the Sanivar AG won the contract. Maintaining high quality standards and providing a reliable technology convinced the customer and lead to a co-operation between SIDERE and the Sanivar AG which lasts now for 20 years.

Customer SIDERE
Country Luxembourg
Installation date 1990
Products SaniTube
    • 80, 150, 200
    Application area Potable Water
    Use case Water Utility
    Pipe material AC
    Number of seals N/A
    Track length 20000
    Operating pressure 8


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