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1300 Amex Mono DN2200-2600 seals for Lokma

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1300 Amex Mono DN2200-2600 seals for Lokma

laying the foundation of a new pipeline structure caused troubles in terms of leaks between pipe joints. Thanks to Amex Sanivar's seals this was fixed in a short period of time. The seals were installed by Amex Sanivar engineers with the help of a local Egyptian workforce. Large diameter pipes needed to be sealed at joints to secure safe drinking water for a Cairo suburb that caters for 2 million inhabitants. Large joints - fill it with hard rubber profiles

Customer Lokma
Country Egypt
Installation date 2016
Products Amex Mono
    • 2200, 2600
    Application area Potable Water
    Use case Municipality
    Pipe material GRP
    Number of seals 1300
    Track length N/A
    Operating pressure 12


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