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1200 Amex Mono DN1200 seals for City of Ouagadougou

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1200 Amex Mono DN1200 seals for City of Ouagadougou

Potable water pipeline in Ouagadougou - adjustment of the material directly on site. Our system was the last minute call - Sade Burkina Faso came over as a new customer, started with an inquiry, turned to order one day later and installation 3 weeks later. Wrong measurement - DN 1222, DN 1224, DN 1210, so steel bands were to small, Amex technician adjusted the bands on site, just because of high level of experience and great human sense to handle "problems" directly, fast, without fear

Customer City of Ouagadougou
Country Burkina Faso
Installation date 2017
Products Amex Mono
    • 1200
    Application area Potable Water
    Use case N/A
    Pipe material Steel
    Number of seals 11
    Track length N/A
    Operating pressure 4


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